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On-Line subscrtiption Magazine "Children of the New Earth"
The best and most plentiful resource for the subject of the children of new consciousness. News, discussion groups, parent-helps and many other features.
Children of the New Earth
The first, and currently only, international magazine to bring together all the latest information on everything pertaining to the extraordinary phenomena collectively known as the "Children of the New Earth."

If you’re familiar with this subject, you will already be aware that our society is currently going through an astonishing transition period. All over the world, educators, physicians, psychologists, healers and concerned parents have been noticing and documenting mystifying changes in the nature, behavior, abilities and psyches of the "new children."

Houston TV Station KHOU does a report on Indigo Chidren

"They know more of who they are and what they want," she explains. "They're not as willing to conform to the world the way it is."

The term indigo was coined by a parapsychologist who developed a system of determining people's personalities by the color of their auras.

The concept of indigo children isn't confined to Houston or even Texas. There is a growing number of people around the world who believe the next step in human evolution is here.
khou TV - Houston - December 3, 2004

"Are They Here To Save the World?"

ABC News Video
Are These Children Psychic?
Click above for video (commercial plays first)

Psychic Children?
Transcript of Video

The list below is not in any order of importance or dates.
We leave it to your discernment as to the value
of each of them. All of them are here due to reccommendations by
those who have written and asked for their inclusion.

Wonderful book that addresses the "New Children" from an academic approach

Upside-Down Brilliance:  The Visual Spatial Learner is
a book about the gifts of the right hemisphere.
Adults and children alike will find in this book an opening to hidden abilities they may not even know they have. From Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. (also featured in "other books" section on this website)

Self Help Books for Kids - LITEBOOKS
We have developed a line of products designed to introduce stress-management and relaxation concepts to children and teens. Our website was created to inform, educate and share ways we can counteract stress and give our children the tools they need to ease anxiety, manage anger, promote sleep, boost self-esteem and enjoy relaxation. Even the most conservative, traditional parents are comfortable with our books, curriculum and "Indigo Dreams" CD Series. Proven techniques of breathing, visualizations, affirmations and muscular relaxation are recommended for:

Indigo Dreams was created to provide information, products and newsletters pertaining to Indigo Children. It is our dream to inspire parents and educators by giving them tangible tools to work with as they guide and empower their children. We have created a line of products that support Indigo Children and all of today's children throughout the world.

Products just for Indigo and Crystal Kids
A book and other products for indigo children (age 8 & up), teaching them in a fun way about the importance of being balanced and how they can do so. A 57 card deck of crystal cards that are designed for indigo teens & tweens & adults ages 12 & up that are designed to empower children and teach them how to empower one another. These can be used with the actual 57 crystals also supplied.

An Indigo Meeting Schedule for kids and their parents
Indigo Children and Parents Meetups can happen in up to 545 cities worldwide on the same day! Enter your location to find the one near you:

Waldorf Schools articles on Indigos and ADD/ADDHD
Articles directly from the Waldorf Schools management (AWSNA) on Indigos
and Attention Related Disorders.

Indigo school opens in San Diego
"We focus on self-knowledge as much as world knowledge, and allow the children to discover their own unique life purpose. This school is just beginning and are preK - Kindergarten. They are adding a grade level each year"

Active Indigos - discussion group

The aim of this group is to help a very necessary paradigm shift come about. This wouldn't just include political, social and environmental activism but also a rethinking of and change in current science, the educational system, business, religion, and spirituality... from John, an Indigo.

Healthy Child on-line
"Parenting does NOT have to include frequent trips to the doctor with ear infections, numerous colds, and other illnesses. Our comprehensive report, Super Healthy Kids: Strengthening Your Child's Resistance to Disease, provides you with valuable information about what you can do, inexpensively at home, to improve your children's resistance to disease and overall health and vitality."
(Commercial site)

A neat resource for Children's books on the web...
"The future of our world depends on the education of our children.  UBAH delivers educational excellence one book at a time.  We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.  We touch the lives of children for a lifetime."

Indigo Children Sources - From Wendy Chapman - Indigo Child consultations, source of help, tips for parents, and much more. Check out this page!

A Child's Voice
"Tracey Thibodeau, founder of A Child's Voice, LLC, has been helping children manage their fears, achieve their goals and open their hearts and minds for the last 10 years. A Child's Voice is the business platform for Ms. Thibodeau's consulting and workshop programs, developed with wizardry, compassion and spiritual awareness for children, parents and educators. A Child's Voice works with Indigo Children, Gifted, ADD, anxious, frustrated and children with unexplained physical ailments. "

Nutritional help for ADD and ADHD
There have been many who have written to ask us to show them specific places where they may choose to investigate natural nutritional help for ADD and ADHD diagnosed problems. Here are a few below."

Dr. Ray Strand:
Howard Peiper - The Natural Approach:

Workshops and balancing therapy for Indigos
Jean Antoinette Schweizer, Ph,D., offers cutting edge research that reveals the nature of the Indigo child. This is an expansive system of thought, which provides both diagnostic as well as treatment tools for the educational and therapeutic needs of these new children, who are born with a new awareness leading to new ways of expression. This system is called Impulse and works with the Synergy of change as it occurs in Body, Mind and Heart. This consultant service provides workshops for Public and Private schools, for parents, and all kinds of Professionals working with children.

Have you heard of "unschooling"?
"I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built upon the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must be taught to think. Whereas, if the child is left to himself, he will think more and better, if less showily. Let him go and come freely, let him touch real things and combine his impressions for himself, instead of sitting indoors at a little round table, while a sweet-voiced teacher suggests that he build a stone wall with his wooden blocks, or make a rainbow out of strips of coloured paper, or plant straw trees in bead flower-pots. Such teaching fills the mind with artificial associations that must be got rid of, before the child can develop independent ideas out of actual experience." -- Anne Sullivan

Yoga for Kids?
Helping Our Children During Times of Crisis : In these times of crisis, grief, and uncertainty, children, being sensitive beings, will be especially aware of the pain and confusion surrounding them, though they may not express their feelings directly. When you notice a ripe opportunity to open a space for talking, perhaps after something they say in reference to what is happening in our country and our world, open the space in your heart first, so that truth may prevail in your words. I am Shakta Kaur Khalsa, creator of, and author of Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga For Children. As a long-time Kundalini Yoga teacher and Montessori educator, I realized that children could effortlessly reap the benefits of yoga, as long as it could speak to them.

Indigo essences?
"The Indigo Essences are gem and crystal essences which have been made to help the new children through this time of major adjustment. The site also includes information on simple ways to use the essences. The stones used in the Indigo Essences all relate to the common themes of childhood, especially to releasing the fears which prevent us from being the loving, carefree, sparks of light we really are. Several of the essences will also help with the sometimes uncomfortable feelings we get in our bodies as our energy changes and becomes lighter. The essences will help very sensitive children feel safe and comfortable in their physical bodies even though the energies around them may not be easy to deal with.

An Accredited University Course!
Western Washington University
The Changing Awareness of Children
EDU 427G
2 credits
Instructor: Jim Macartney, MA

Click HERE for full details of this World Wide online course

This course is open to all students, professionals and parents, for credit
or audit. It is also available in seminar format for professional groups
with clock hours and credit options. If taking the course for credit, be
sure to check with your institution to determine if credits will transfer
from Western Washington University.

Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm, course
by Indigo Child consultants
Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm seeks to lead and accelerate enlightened and empowering change in the world by recreating the worldview beliefs about parenting. These changes will expand humankind's capacity for conscious, creative, collaborative, competent and compassionate parenting in a world characterized by separation, insensitivity and conflict. Offering parents, teachers, and other adults who care about the welfare of our children, a way of developing the insight and behaviors necessary to empower these children to develop their abilities to the utmost. This course has been endorsed and recommended by pediatricians and mental health professionals nationwide.

Indigo Networks !
A website specifically designed for people who are working with Indigo Children. This site acts as a common meeting place where you will be able to exchange ideas and connect with one another.

"We are parents, teachers and Indigos who come together to share solutions and offer alternatives. Many of us are passionately awakening to the vibration of Indigo and realize traditional education environments lack the freedom our children crave.  Through our own intuitive guidance and practical experience we have come to find the essential elements necessary for creating a nurturing learning environment for children of the new earth."
Join together in a grass roots effort to transform the world’s school systems. Today's children need a flexible school system that looks at the individual child and provides proper nutrition, from nature's table, cutting edge therapies, and an effective education using a Montessori and/or Waldorf style of learning - for all children, not just those blessed with parents with the funds needed to enroll in a private school. This network of progressive schools is being established in several countries around the world

Indigo Forum
Here is a place created, for Indigo Children, and any people (not just kids!) who are "special" psychically and spiritually. Who see, feel, and experience things out of the ordinary and need a place to talk about it... a forum.

Comprehensive directory of help with ADD and ADHD - This site is interactive in that we provide forums and outlets for parents to share experiences, advice, suggestions and questions with one another. Every journey we take becomes easier when we know we are not alone. "Together we can make a difference in our children's lives."

Alternative Learning Organization - Our objective is to encourage and support alternative learning environments in which the interests and choices of the child are recognized as the basis of authentic learning, and where the child is respected as the unique being he/she is. Alternative schools, homeschooling, and unschooling are represented via A.L.E. and the Web sites.

Below is from Karen Eck, , contributor of the original Indigo Children book.

E-mail discussion group for Indigo Children
to talk to each other.

Send a BLANK E-mail to:

E-mail discussion group for Indigo parents
to talk to each other.

Send a BLANK E-mail to:

E-mail Indigo News, not a discussion group.
Receive messages pertaining to good health and nutrition, schools,
health scams, news from other Indigo Parents such as groups in your area, and tips about dealing with your bright and precocious Indigo Child.

Send a blank e-mail message to:

Academy for Coaching Parents International - Karen Gardner

We are a new lifestyle coach certification program designed to train people to become parent coaches. In connection with our launch, we are offering parenting websites and publications a monthly column called The Coach's Corner. The Coach's Corner, written by parenting experts, parent coaches, and Academy instructors, is chock full of practical guidance on many everyday childrearing issues.

Born to Explore! - A clearinghouse for positive and alternative information. A non commercial site devoted entirely to exploring positive and alternate views of ADD and ADHD in children and adults.



The New Kids Have Arrived!
The Indigo Children
An Interview With Co-Author Jan Tober
As told to Rick Martin
Spectrum Magazine



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