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Instructor: Jim Macartney, MA
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Course Description

Is our consciousness really changing? Are today's students coming to school with new capacities?

Much is emerging in scientific and medical literature substantiating how consciousness is unlimited. Children especially seem to be increasingly able to access higher levels of knowing, creating new challenges for parents and our institutions on numerous fronts.

In order to better support students, parents, faculty, and other helping professionals, we need to understand what is happening and what to do about it. This course is designed to help you:

Gain new insight into what is evolving in the consciousness of humanity, especially the children we live and work with.

Understand why the question of changing consciousness hasn't been adequately addressed by our society or institutions to date.

Create more supportive learning and home environments for drawing out the unique potential of all children.

Increase your own personal creative capacities.

Course Objectives

1) To understand and experience that any perspective of consciousness is bounded by our own thinking, and to be able to effectively use simple strategies to access an unbounded field of intelligence available to us all.

2) To be able to understand basic differences between our current cultural models of consciousness as originating within matter, and emerging new theories of consciousness that strongly suggest consciousness is non-local in nature

3) To apply new strategies to the re-envisioning of parenting, educational curriculum or therapeutic techniques that will encourage the full expression and intelligence of children, and to more fully understand the limitations in our present educational systems that exacerbate or even create some of the problems our schools presently face.

4) To test validity of premises developed in the course, and to practice ways to increase creativity and fulfillment in our personal and professional life.

5) To have fun exploring and co-creating with each other, forming a network of supportive friends to help each of us to live and serve in life more fully.

The class schedule is formatted to provide flexibility for you. There will be weekly readings, exercises and online discussions. The last half of the quarter will be tailored to your interests, and will revolve around the projects you choose, such as writing curriculum for your class, intervening in a family issue, or investigating the emergence of higher states of consciousness in children or adults.

Course Number: 427G
CRN: 44420
Credits: 2
Tuition: $278
Dates: Spring Quarter: April 2 to June 15
Summer Quarter: June 25 to August 24

For more information or to set up a workshop for your group with credit or clock hour options, contact Jim Macartney at

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